31 August 2007

Where Were We?


TBF got most of them, but Heidi finished up with the last location. So both will win a (very) small prize! Pewter Christmas ornaments from Norway!


Answers are below with the photos.

More photos from our Baltic Cruise will follow as I find the time to write the posts...


GLH and I have just returned from an amazing, dream-come-true vacation. It was both exotic and oddly, at times even uncomfortably, American at the same time.

Can you guess where we went and what we did?

Here are some clues. Each picture represents one of the places we went on our journey. And yes, the pictures are in order of destination.

The first person to accurately answer what we did and all of the places we went in chronological order will win a (very) small souvenir purchased during our trip...

Family and close friends who already know where we went and what we did are not eligible to win, so don't bother putting in your answers! I'll just delete them anyway.

Nyhaven in Copenhagen, Denmark

Sunset over the Baltic during the 10-day cruise

Stockholm Stadshus (City Hall) in Sweden

Sibelius Monument in Helsinki, Finland

Troika Singers at Russian Restaurant in Pushkin (near St. Petersburg)

Song Festival Grounds in Tallinn, Estonia

Medieval Port Crane in Gdansk, Poland

Vikingskipshuset (Viking Ship Museum) in Oslo, Norway


Samantha said...

I know some of them, but if I post them here, I'll give them away!!

Copexonia said...

From a bibliophile with cool library living in ... downtown Copenhagen. Nice to see Nyhavn and the sun setting over the Kattegat! Ragnar Ostberg's Town Hall in Stockholm is an impressive sight, especially in person! Alas, I've never been to St. Petersburg, but would love to take in its impressive Neo-classical architecture some day, which it seems you didn't photograph -- i.e. you've never been there either? Tallin, Riga, and Vilnius, however, seem to be high up on your list.

Thanks for the sights!

The Big Finn said...

The first one is Nyhavn in Copenhagen. The second picture was probably taken while cruising on the Baltic Sea. The third picture is Stockholm's city hall, and the fourth picture is of the Sibelius monument in Helsinki. After Helsinki, I'm guessing that you went on to St. Petersburg. After St. Petersburg, you went to Tallinn, and the picture is of a concert shell in Tallinn. I'm not sure about the next picture, but I'd guess that it is either another picture of Tallinn, OR it's a picture from Riga, Latvia. The final picture of the viking ship? I'm going to go with the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo.

How did I do?

Global Librarian said...

Samantha - yeah, yeah, so you say. Put up or shut up! Saying you know them doesn't get yu the (very) small prize... :-)

Copexonia - very good tries. And yes, we did see St. Petersburg and go to many places. But I only posted one photo from each place in this post. After I have dug myself out from under 2 weeks of mail (both snail and electronic), plus two weeks of laundry I will post more about each of the places we went. Including some of the neoclassical architecture.

TBF - very, very good. But to win the prize, you need to come up with the location of the second to last photo. It is neither Tallinn or Riga, but is in that general geographic area. Here's a hint - that large, dark brown building on the waterfront is the most obvious landmark of this city. It dates back to Medieval times and was a major part of the commercial success of this former city state.

Since you got all of the places except one plus the fact we went on a Baltic Cruise, I will give you until noon on Saturday (Zurich time) to figure out the location and win the prize.

After that, anybody who knows where that building is can win!

Heidi Dolamore said...

it's gdańsk!

Expat Traveler said...

what an awesome trip! and great photos to show for it.
I stay away for a few days and look what happens!