01 August 2007

Feuer Tag! ; Or, Is Switzerland Being Invaded?

It is Swiss Day!

Earlier this week it was explained to me that the nickname for today is Feuer Tag (Fire Day).

There are both public and private fireworks in every direction as far as the eye can see. We are astounded by the size of the fireworks that anyone with an inclination, and a fair amount of money, can buy and set off in their backyard. Just down the street from us is a group setting off fireworks similar in size to what a medium-sized town in the US would have for July 4th.

This can only be termed: Putting on the Swiss.

One final note: in addition to explosions from all directions, we are also hearing sirens. Police cruisers and ambulances are heading in every direction as well. I suspect there will be a round-up of various injuries reported in tomorrow's newspaper.


Marcy said...

We had kids popping off fireworks right around the corner all yesterday evening. Our poor cat was so freaked out by all the noise!

Kirk said...

We didn't mind the fireworks on the holiday so much as long as we gave Grady a sedative, but what we didn't like is that the neighborhood kids spent the next week or so working through the arsenal of fireworks they had amassed but not yet set off. Gretchen almost went to war with some kids who decided it would be fun to set off firecrackers in front of our house while Baby was napping.