01 July 2007

Boys and Their Toys

As we were running to catch our train this morning, GLH insisted that I stop to take two photos of this super-special Porsche parked on a street in our village.

He required a photo of the front:

And a photo of the back:

What is with men and cars?
Fortunately we managed to board the train approximately 20 seconds before it departed.


GLD said...

GL I don't know why you don't get this. You grew up with it. It's kind of like a religion with gusto.

Un-Swiss Miss said...

I hate Porsches (or perhaps as one guy I dated suggested, I usually hate the type of guys who drive Porsches). But this one is seriously cool!

Anonymous said...

You know dear sister of mine, Dad does kind of have a point. Although that brother-in-law of mine better be thankful that you did NOT miss that train - that would have been a big big big problem.

The Big Finn said...

Put me down as one guy who doesn't give a rip about cars; I view them as necessary evils. Somebody recently asked me what my dream car is, and I told him that it is a taxi, or better yet, a chauffeur-driven limousine.