06 July 2007

Who Moved My Cheese?

The Migros (grocery store) in our village is going through major renovations.

They first built a new part of the store. Then they moved everything into this new part, which is approximately 1/4 the size of the old store, and now they are renovating the old part.

When it is done I am certain it will be big and beautiful, yada yada yada.

But until then it will be hell.

The selection is down to the bare minimum, the aisle space is minuscule and nobody (including staff) knows where anything is yet.

Those of you who know me, know that I hate grocery shopping. Before I got married I would shop at 11:00 at night just to avoid having to deal with too many people. Because too many people made me have to stay in the grocery store longer. (God, I miss 24-hour grocery stores!) I survived on cereal, yogurt, peanut butter and hard-boiled eggs because it diminished the amount of time I spent in the grocery store. And the amount of time I had to spend cooking.

And I shopped at a store that never moved things around. This was very important, because I hate it when grocery stores get moved around and I cannot whip through them and get out as quickly as I can.

For now I've moved most of my shopping to the Coop (other major grocery store chain) to avoid the chaos as much as possible.

But there are a few things we can only get from the Migros as the Coop doesn't carry them. Namely, lactose-free milk (with only 1.7% fat, the lowest fat content available), USDA beef ('cause Swiss beef sucks) and cheddar cheese ('cause I don't like the stinky, strong tasting cheese so common in Europe).

On my first couple of trips to the Migros I was still able to find the milk and the beef, but I couldn't locate the cheese. I really, really missed the cheese. Yes, I could find the cheese elsewhere. But who really wants to carry cheese all the way back from Zürich on a train or bus after the convenience of having it only a ten-minute walk away?

However, I am happy to report that today the shelves were slightly more plentiful and my beloved cheddar cheese has returned.

Thank God.

Now I just have to dread November, when the renovations will be completed and everything will be moved again.



Anonymous said...

I hear you about less cooking = less grocery shopping. When hubby is away I subsist on ramen noodles and cereal, and I'm okay with that!

Global Librarian said...

When GLH is traveling I also revert back to my singlehood cooking methods. Which means I virtually do not cook.

Why do men tend to require actual meals?

Un-Swiss Miss said...

I totally do not understand this prejudice against grocery stores or stinky cheeses! I find food shopping therapeutic. But I'm quite jealous that you have cheddar. I've once come across aged English cheddar, but that stuff's just not the same. Swap you cheddar for brownie mix?

Global Librarian said...

Our village is boominh with UK expats. When I hear English spoken at the store, it's general a British accent. I expect that explains the cheddar cheese as well as other English delights that I just don't understand. (Marmalade, yeech!)

And I do know where I can find brownie mix. Did you not read the part of not caring for the whole cooking thing?

Marcy said...

Migros has cheddar cheese???? I'll have to look and see if they have it here, too. We tend to always go to Coops, b/c those are more convenient to us. But if I can get my hands on some cheddar (I'm also not a fan of the stinky cheeses here, have been subsisting mostly on mozzarella) that would make me extremely happy... and satisfy the grilled cheese sandwich craving I've been having lately.

Pointless Drivel said...

Now wait a minute. Men require cooking? Have you ever seen what men eat when no on else is around? Men are little more than bears with furniture (and, apparently, a plethora of high-end electronic gadgets). Throw them some raw meat and leftover pizza, and they're happy.

I suspect you're putting some kind of artificial requirement on yourself.

It's when you have kids that you have to start making actual meals on a regular basis so the little tykes have variety of succulent and nutritious items they can refuse to eat.

GLD said...

So what's wrong with Marmalade?? I happened to like it. Infact it was the only breakfast I could stomach in HK.

Expat Traveler said...

I do like knowing where everything is but I have this habit of knowing where everything is in every store after 1 visit, so these problems deminish for me, accept I hate it when the shelves are empty so I like going early if I can..

And cheddar? yuck - Mozzarella all the way.... I guess I don't like how cheddar drips when you heat it up...

Expat Traveler said...

lol - except... I should proof read before I hit send!