17 July 2007

Come Back to Me!

Zürich has become Hell on Earth.

Yesterday it topped out at 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit). It was so humid that the 1-liter reservoir on the dehumidifier filled up three times. And the sun was relentless. If only a cloud would block it. Even for a little while.

Last night it never truly cooled off.

So here I sit in the apartment, with the air conditioner running. Although a portable window unit can only do so much about heat at this level.

If I leave the house today, it will only be to take a drive in the car, which has a fantastic air conditioner. In minutes the car's interior is nice and cold. (Shh! Don't tell the Environmental Police, but I expect this afternoon I will take a long, random, meandering drive just to cool off.)

I miss the weather from last week. The wonderfully cold, rainy, overcast weather. It was almost like Fall.

Ah Fall, my favorite season. You are such a relief once dreaded summer is finally over...

I heard it is supposed to turn cold and rainy again.

Please God, make it so.


Anonymous said...

People are strange.

Global Librarian said...

Yes, they are!

Do you know there are some people who actually LIKE weather this hot and sunny.


CanadianSwiss said...

Call me half-insane, then. I love this kind of weather, but not that kind of humidity. We at least had a bit of a breeze. In the city, it's unbearable!

Impossible Jane said...

I do like being hot. I just don't like it if I can't sleep at night. I agree with canadianswiss being in the city when it's hot is miserable. We live in the city but we have about 10 very tall and old trees that keep the heat to a minimum. We haven't needed the AC yet...and it's been in the high 80's for about 2 weeks.

Princess Cat's Pajamas said...

Thankfully it hasn't gotten that hot here!

My favorite trick for cooling off is going to the grocery store and walking very, very slowly up and down the refrigerator/freezer aisles.

GL'sD said...

Say what you want, but Americans are so lucky to not have to worry about things like brezzes. It was 94 here to day but the house is 73. And tonight I'm going to sleep like a baby. So is Dekko.

Pointless Drivel said...

I'm with GL. I'll open windows if it is between 60F and 65F (I think that is around 15C to 18C). Lower and we use the furnace, higher and we use the air conditioner.

I like bought air.

Un-Swiss Miss said...

I HATE hot weather. Unfortunately the lack of A/C seems to extend to my office, where the copious sunlight streaming through the windows more than offsets any cooling from the air conditioning. (Can't even open the windows!) I thought it was the building, until I went to the floor above me, where the CEO sits. Now there you get a nice cooling effect!