24 May 2009


We carefully gathered all necessary documentation and headed to the US Embassy in Bern to renew Global Baby's passport and apply for a Social Security Card.

We had been warned to arrive at least an hour before they opened at 9 am. Others had said the line starts forming at 6 or 7 am.

We arrived at 8:50.

Got our number and sat down to wait. We were Number 2 for service. Which didn't matter because when they opened, they opened two windows. So we were first!

Only difficulty? Guess who forgot the bring the new passport photos?

So I covered myself up with a white blanket (Thank goodness I had one!) and held him to the side in the passport photo booth at the Embassy. I got him to look at the screen by tapping my finger on it moments before the picture was taken.

Not the best photo. I am partially visible and you can see the remnants of his first bug bite on his forehead.

But it was deemed acceptable.

We were finished and on our way back to Zurich within 30 minutes.

Our afternoon activity? Car shopping. More on that later...


Marcy said...

Almost a shame, the original was such a perfect photo! But this works, too. And of the things to forget, seems the easiest to replace. =)

Glad it all went smoothly!

Jennifer said...

That. is. amazing.

Dr Spouse said...

I'm very impressed they have a passport booth in the embassy!

Global Librarian said...

Jennifer -- what's amazing? That there was no line? or that we actually managed to get an infant's passport photo on the first take in a photo booth?

Dr. Spouse -- the US Consulate in Frankfurt also had a passport photo booth. And vending machines. And ATM's with euros and dollars. These are the only two I've had personal experience with. Unless you count my inability to ever contact the Zurich Consulate, either by telephone during posted business hours or e-mail. Which is why we went to Bern!