04 May 2009

Annual Mayday Riot

Every year there is a riot in the streets of Zurich.

It happens every Mayday. Because it is an annual event, the police are ready for it, all dressed up in their full riot gear.

This year they did not disappoint. On Friday, May 1st about 12,000 people gathered for the Labor Parade. Approximately 200 of the protestors wore masks and were obviously up to no good. A small riot ensued. It was immediately quieted and around 30 people were arrested.

Does anyone else find it humorous that the Swiss schedule their riots?


G in Berlin said...

In this case, May Day is a scheduled rot for all of Europe. We had far more arrests (and police injuries) here in Berlin. What I find frightening is the small, but existing, core of "anarchists" who are simply out to hardcore damage and kill, for really no reason: there is no actual political baggage attached to their Molotov cocktails.

tqe / Adam said...

I would disagree with G -- There#s not a riot everywhere. In Weimar we have a flea market, some speeches (that I missed this year), and the soap box races.

I never saw any police, all day long--nor did I see any rioters.

G in Berlin said...

Adam, that's Weimar. Zurich and Berlin are different types of cities, as are Paris, London, Barcelona... I don't think Paderborn had a riot either. You did see the coverage of the riot and injuries here, didn't you? I'll post a link when I am breathing better later in the day: there are some decent photos.