03 May 2009

American Smorgasbord!

Yesterday we had a party to celebrate the adoption finalization.

It was truly an American Smorgasbord!

Perhaps the most fun we had was using our authentic Swiss fondue pot to make a Velveeta cheese dip for the nacho chips! We also served American-stye "Swiss cheese," which is vaguely Emmental-esque and Cheese in a Can, just for shocks and giggles. I wonder if we will get kicked out of Switzerland for committing cheese related crimes?

And here is the Star of the Day, playing Pony Boy on GLH's knee:


DrSpouse said...

Lovely! And very funny about your American cheese - did you get comments?

Global Librarian said...

Lots of comments. The Velveeta cheese dip was the hit of the party. The cheese in a can, which I had actually never eaten or purchased before, was also surprisingly popular!

One guest asked me which of the sliced cheeses had the strongest taste. I had to laugh. The answer? None of them, by European standards!

Jul said...

Someone brought a can of spray-cheese to our inauguration party. I re-gifted it the first chance I got.

Cheese-related crimes aside, I bet it was a fun day!