26 May 2008

What's Happening?

That's the question my neighbor asked immediately after I opened the door to her ring.

She wondered if we were having a huge party (to which she was not invited) or we were preparing for Armageddon.

Which was only fair considering the amount of water we had sitting in the hallway. Because right next to our door were 6 cases of water, each containing 6 1-liter bottles of fizzy water, waiting for us to take them down to the storage area in the basement. They had been delivered a few minutes before by the Migros Guy.

What she didn't know is that we also had 3 additional cases of water that we managed to fit into a kitchen cupboard. Plus 16 cartons of milk. Plus 16 cartons of juice. (Fortunately the milk and juice are UHT, which means they won't expire for about 2 months. And water doesn't really ever expire.)

Why do we have this enormous bounty of beverages?

Well, I'm a bit lazy and don't like to cart heavy beverages up the hill. Or cart them up from the garage if I drove the car to get them. So I have beverages and other heavy items delivered to our door by the Migros Guy. Much nicer that way, isn't it?

And when I did the online order on Sunday afternoon, we were also watching The Wire, a completely addictive tv series. We had just downloaded the entire first season from iTunes on Friday afternoon. We've got 6 seasons to get caught up on!

Unfortunately, my attention was diverted and I perhaps didn't pay as much attention to the Migros order as I ought to have done.

Now, I did notice that the water was on sale this week, so I tried to order 4 cases. It limited me to only 3 per order, which I thought a bit odd, but figured it was because of it being on sale.

What I didn't realize is that ordering 3 did not result in 3 cases with 6 1-liter bottles each as I thought it would. Nope. Because they sell them in clumps of 3. Which actually resulted in 9 cases with 6 1-liter bottles each. Which I would have noticed had I actually been reading the computer screen.

I have no idea what happened with the juice and the milk. Other than something very active or suspenseful was likely on the television at that moment.

So, no, we are not having a party to which we failed to invite our neighbors. Nor did we suddenly become convinced that the world is ending and we should begin to stock pile supplies.

However, GLH has asked that perhaps in the future I not watch television while making Migros online orders.

Which isn't fair. He's the one that purchased the Mac laptop, thereby enabling me to watch television and work on the computer at the same time.

So really, it's all HIS FAULT. He's an ENABLER!


One Note: This is the first time in nearly 18 months of deliveries that I have seen the Migros Guy smile. And today he was laughing outright. Even though he had to lug all those bottles of water to our door, he thought it very funny that the crazy American lady had made such a silly goof. I live to serve.


Twelfthknit said...

Ah, Le Shop, great find. We do gthe same with rice (possibly explains the world rice shortage....), canned food, fruit juices etc.

Danie said...

Good to know that you will not be suffering from dehydration anytime in the near future :)

GL'sD said...

Forget the "it's all his fault crap" he's got you on this one.

Lynda said...

Heheheh that is funny and not unlike things that I do... such as ordering a stack of German DVD's before easter to be delivered to my out-laws.. then finding I had doubled up on some DVD's and clicked on games for Wii rather than the Nintendo DS... at least Amazon have a brillant return system. Personally, I like to have the house filled with staples..it makes me feel safe, well you never know... do you...

Kirk said...

We finally finished season 3 of The Wire this weekend--enjoy! So far it has remained as consistently interesting as the first season.

And it actually seems somewhat Swiss to have enough supplies on hand to fill your building's bomb shelter...you know, just in case Austria decides to invade or something...