08 May 2008

I Can See Clearly Now!

One of my favorite things about our apartment is the floor to ceiling windows in every room.

However, when it comes time to clean them, they become my least favorite things about our apartment. The windows are hard enough. There are 27 windows in total and all but 7 of them are the floor to ceiling variety. Plus the shutters? They are even harder to clean. It takes me a few days to work my way through them all and at the end I am stiff and sore. It is not easy work!

Unfortunately, I am one of those people who feel that it is best to clean your windows twice per year in order to maximize the light coming in and your ability to see the view.

However, this Spring I decided to go a different route.

So today I spent my time getting caught up on e-mails, blog posts and reading books while two people busily cleaned my windows and shutters for me.

And all I have to do is hand the bill to GLH when it comes in the mail.

Being a Haus Frau is rough work, but someone's got to do it!


GL'sD said...

What do you mean with the windows and twice a year cleaning. If I remember correctly you grew up with a Dirt Nazi.

Global Librarian said...

Yes. She cleaned the windows twice per year: Spring and Fall.

What's your point? Do you think I should do it more often?

Anonymous said...

i am doing the windows again in honor of my parents arrival - i did them last in december. do you have any good tips for the shutters. (do you have rolladen and problems with street grime?) i would love to hear what your normal cleaning regime consists of, because i am way to chicken to ask my MIL.

Global Librarian said...

This is how I did it before and how the pros did it:

Bucket of soapy warm water and a rag. Just do each blade (or whatever the thingies are called) one at a time. Change out the rag when it gets dirty. Likewise with the water.

Believe me, the street grime will make the water and the rags very, very dirty! Especially if its been a while since they were washed.

Important tip: do the shutters first! Otherwise the dirty water from the shutters gets all over the clean windows!

The Big Finn said...

We also have floor to ceiling windows. However, I opt for the clean-the-windows-in-one-room-each-week approach. That way, I make the full circuit once every nine weeks if I do the smaller windows in out bathrooms all in one week.

Clean the blinds? I've never done that in the 3+ years we've lived here, and I had no intention of doing so until...your post caused me to have a good look at them and realize how dirty they are.


Global Librarian said...

Glad to help you along on your Swissification Process, TBF.

Although given the fact that you clean all the windows in your apartment on an organized 9 week cycle, you are much further along than I!