09 May 2008

Morning in Hell

Went to the Migros to stock up on groceries for the long weekend. I could not believe the mobs of people there. I actually saw one woman push another woman aside in order to get the last fresh baked loaf of a certain kind of bread. (There was other bread there, but apparently it was all wrong for her needs.)

See, the grocery stores close at 5 pm on Saturday and don't open again until 8 am on Tuesday. I went this morning in the hopes that perhaps it would be calmer than I knew it would be this afternoon or tomorrow.

No such luck. But at least I got the things I needed. No saying what is likely to be left by tomorrow afternoon.

For those Americans out there who have no idea why it's a holiday, let me explain. It's Whit Monday. Never heard of Whit Monday? Before last year neither had I. I had to look it up.

Those Europeans will use any excuse to close down for a holiday, won't they?


Zurich Mama Geek said...

Darn. I wasn't motivated enough to make a grocery list for the whole weekend, so I just went to the nearby Coop to pick up some dairy products. Hopefully it won't be too crazy tomorrow when I need to pick up meat and produce.

Global Librarian said...

It will be crazy.

If I were you, I would just hope that there is meat and produce left!

Greg said...

You can always go to the Avec shop at the Oberrieden train station if you need something, It's open every day, including holidays. And, there's the COOP gas station down by the lake as well.