12 February 2008

Fear of Flying

GLH knows that I do not like flying.

He knows that every time I get on an airplane, I am convinced that we will all die a fiery death.

He knows that before each and every flight I have to force myself to be reasonable and get on the plane anyway.

Would someone please explain to me why he insists upon watching a reality television program entitled Air Crash Investigation while I am sitting on the couch next to him?


Pointless Drivel said...

I'll bet you're a real hit at parties.

Anonymous said...

He's a funny, funny man.

Samantha said...

Haha, that was on French TV the night before my last trip to the US...and of course Fab insisted on watching it. As you can imagine, I slept well...or not!

My Brand New Swiss Life said...

Sounds about as much fun as the last time I was on a chair lift.

Two guys sharing the ride started discussing all the chairlift fall disasters they could recall.

Men are sensitive creatures.