05 February 2008

Expiration Dates

For the last week I have been having the worst time with my contact lenses.

Usually I can wear them all day long, from the time I get up until I go to bed, with no problems whatsoever. For the most part I am not even aware I am wearing them. I have never even had an eye infection.

But this past week has been terrible! They hurt from the time I put them in all the way through until I give up and take them out. Midway through the day, they will get a smudge on them that makes it hard for me to see until I take them out and wash them.

Last night, while taking them out immediately after dinner because I couldn't stand to wear them anymore, I happened to glance at the bottle of soaking solution.

It expired a couple of months ago.

Huh. Sometimes the expiration date actually means something?

Most of the time I take the posted expiration date as a suggestion, not a rule.

I have now thrown away the 3 bottles of recently expired solution and am using a bottle that will not expire until 2009.

Much better.

Who knew?


Kirk said...

Completely off-topic (I don't wear contacts), but I was browsing the Sunday New York Times and didn't know if you had seen this article about visiting Cairo...

Global Librarian said...

Apparently everyone I know reads NYT Online. You're the 4th person to forward it to me! But I appreciate the effort!