11 February 2008

Bad Day for the Kittens

Max and Tilly made a trip to the vet today for their vaccinations.

After the trauma of sharing a waiting room with another cat, several dogs and a bunny, they had the further terror of the vet pressing their stomachs, peering in their eyes and pulling their lips back from their teeth before delivering two shots each. Not a good day in for a cat.

They are not feeling well and are still acting a bit cranky. All they want is to lay about on us, periodically hissing at us or each other. And their little noses and the pads of their paws are very red due to a slight fever.

Poor little sweeties. They'll be fine by tomorrow. And they would undoubtedly be thrilled to know their next scheduled vet visit isn't for 2 years, if they had any concept of time and could understand what we say. Although if Max continues to insist upon eating non-edible things, we may have to go sooner. (Last week he ate the cord from my camera, leaving me with a sad-looking camera hanging from my wrist with recycling string. Fortunately, it passed...)

Of course, between a day spent on laundry and a vet visit, I ran out of time to make a diaper cake for a baby shower tomorrow afternoon, much less post pictures from our weekend trip. Ah well.


Expat Traveler said...

hmm - the life... Really I'd rather be doing that stuff than be stuck at the office.. Only because I've done both now... haha

The Big Finn said...

Vets must have different rules in Zürich than they do in Basel. King's vet says he is not allowed (by law) to give more than one shot per visit to any animal. Fortunately, King only needs one vaccination per year. However, our dog always needed a few different shots because we occasionally put her in a kennel, and we'd have to space these out over several weeks. It was kind of a hassle.

Global Librarian said...

I actually had to argue with the vet over it. He strongly recommended we only do the cat flu shot as rabies has been eradicated in Switzerland and our cats do not even leave the house. But we also needed the rabies shot for an Official Process we are working through in the United States. We have to show health certificates for both cats plus proof they are vaccinated by US standards. And the US requires a rabies shot.

Poor wee ones. Their fever was gone by this morning and they spent most of the day sleeping, but they are back to their normal, frisky, kittenish selves this evening.

And yes, ET, I know exactly how fortunate I am!