26 November 2007

Train Trips?

It has just been announced that GDL (German train union) did not accept the proposed contract. However, they are going back into formal negotiations and stated there would be no strikes before Monday, 3 December.

On Saturday morning we leave for our Christmas Market Extravaganza. We travel first to Munich, then Nuremberg and finally Salzburg. We return to Zürich on Thursday.

So, do we risk that there will be no strikes before we leave Germany for Austria? Or do we drive?

Thoughts and comments? Especially from those of you who deal with Deutsche Bahn on a daily basis?


Expat Traveler said...

Knowing how long it took me to get there, I'd be driving for sure! No way would I go that far with the choice of being able to drive!

Plus the drive is so scenic and beautiful!

Oh how jealous I am with all of your travels on your side bar. Looks like travel wise, moving to Switzerland was just amazing! My list of travels um - drove to California, saw Oregon 7 days. That was it!

I say lucky you! ;-)

Global Librarian said...

We've decided to risk the train. While the scenery is indeed lovely via car, it is just as lovely via train. And that way we don't arrive exhausted from a long car ride. Whereas we can all have more room and relax on the train.

We have leaving Germany to go to Salzburg on Tuesday. We will just keep our fingers crossed that they will not strike before then!