21 November 2007

Deutsche Bahn Strike?

We have tickets for a train journey into Germany in about a week's time. We will need to decide soon if we should get a refund on the tickets and just drive.

Could some of the Germany-based bloggers please report on what is happening up there?

Thank you!


christina said...

They're doing some heavy negotiations this week and DB has apparently put a new offer forward to the GDL. IF they accept it, there will be no more strikes. If they don't, the GDL has said they will possibly go forward with an open-ended strike. So things are still very much up in the air. We should hear something by the end of the week - I'd hold on to the tickets until then.

Global Librarian said...

Thanks, Christina! We'll watch for the news this weekend.

christina said...

OK, now the GDL says they are seriously considering the offer but won't make a decision until Monday. That means no strikes up until midnight on Monday, I guess. Not much help, but we probably won't hear anything until then.

christina said...

Hi again! They've now decided to re-start negotiations on December 3 so that means no danger of strikes until Monday next week, if at all.

Siti Kalsom said...


I've heard of an upcoming deutsche bahn strike. I'm supposed to be travelling from Prague to Berlin via train on March 22. Is there a risk that this strike will happen during Easter weekend?

What would happen is there was a strike? Do i need to purchase a new ticket?