30 November 2007


We're off on our Christmas Market Extravaganza!

And we are betting that Deutsche Bahn will not go on strike before Tuesday, when we will leave Germany for Austria and therefore no longer have to worry about it.

Our goals:
Wish us luck!

I had originally intended to also purchase a German Christmas Pickle. However, research has shown that this may not be German after all. Now I am curious as to whether any of the booths will be selling an "Authentic German Christmas Pickle," likely to the American tourists!


gls said...

I think the pickle is Sweden or Norway - can't remember which - but I know I had a pickle in the tree for 7 years - once the older boy was old enough to start traditions :)

Jennifer said...

While you're in Germany, would you be willing to pick up a couple of Picard hammers for Bob? The only place we have been able to locate them is there.

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Hope you have a good trip. We were in Zurich this weekend finalising our accomodation - we didn't habe time to go round any of the markets, but the huge Swarovski tree in Hauptbanhof was lovely.
Looking forward to joining/meeting the 'bloggy hausfraus' once we arrive in January.