11 November 2007

Great Expectations

Earlier today we had a short planning session regarding the Christmas tree. It's still several weeks away, but it's never too early to start planning...

GLH: I was thinking we could put the Christmas tree over by the window there.

GL: That's exactly what I was thinking. Perfect place!

GLH: Of course, we'll have to move the dining room table over for it.

GL: There's plenty of room for a tree without moving the furniture.

GLH: Oh no, we'll probably need to move the table about 3-4 feet to make room.

GL: 3-4 feet? How large of a tree do you think we are going to get?

GLH: Well, we've got 9 foot ceilings, so we could probably fit one that is at least 7-8 feet tall. Why? What were you thinking?

GL: 5-6 feet tall.

GLH: Yeah. That won't work.


Marcy said...

lol... My parents always get enormously large trees. Me? I'm a fan of the little Charlie Brown xmas trees. ; )

Anonymous said...

I will put up the semi Charlie Brown tree I got from my parents last year - but that is plenty big for me. Good luck coming to an agreement on that tree :)

GL'sD said...

I'm with Macry, I like the Charlie Brown thing.

GL'sD said...

The maternal parental unit says the Charlie Brown thing would be perfect.