24 November 2006

Thanksgiving Experience

We are in Minnesota visiting my family for Thanksgiving. Yesterday we had the annual gorge upon the turkey at my sister's new house in Minneapolis.

Other plans for the weekend include hanging out at my parents' house, meeting a friend for lunch and going to the SPAM Museum. (I will be sure to post photos of THAT trip!)

And, if GLH can talk me into it, there may even be a trip to the Mall of America. But that just seems so exhausting during the First Official Weekend of the Christmas Season. Finding a parking spot alone is a nightmare. Unless we get there by 7 am, we'd likely end up in one of the parking lots so far away they run free buses to the Mall's entrance.

We'll keep ya posted!


Expat Traveler said...

sounds like an exciting time to me. Can wait for the spam pics.

We have snow here but I seriously doubt I'll get to it. I miss not having a car for sure!

Global Librarian said...

The SPAM Museum was actually a lot of fun. But I'll have to wait until I am back home to post the photos.