06 November 2006

Photo Journey

I wanted to share a few photos from our recent trip to Zurich...

First up -- another view of the Alps from our apartment. The day was astoundingly clear and the Alps looked so close, but are at least an hour's drive away.

And here is a Pedestrian Bridge crossing the Limmat River through the center of Zurich. I felt very "European" that day as I walked through the lovely Old City.

Next is the Landesmuseum. It is the largest museum dedicated to the history of Switzerland. I haven't actually been inside yet. Between shopping for furniture and enjoying the amazing weather, there just wasn't time. I decided when I arrive in January, there will be plenty of time, not to mention plenty of bad weather, to make a trip to the museum the perfect day's activity.

And finally, a twilight view of Zurich taken from our hotel room.

I need to run errands. More details from our trip later!


Beth said...

Looks lovely! I'm jealous.

Expat Traveler said...

wow! Those are some amazing views!!!

what is the actual city you will be living in?