30 September 2006

Upside and Downside

The upside of deciding not to ship our furniture is that we get to start fresh with all new furniture.

The downside of deciding not to ship our furniture is that we need to figure out what to do with it.

We are about the enter into the world of garage sales. I'm scared. Garage sale regulars can be intense. Especially the ones that camp outside your house at 5 am.

But we are moving forward with our plans. And GL Hubby has been told he is not allowed to run off to Zurich on another business trip until after the sale has happened!

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gl_hubby said...

I'm looking forward to the garage sale. I'm thinking that my wife will be like the young new car saleswomen, itching to sell a car and willing to take any deal back to her sales manager. I'll be the crusty old sales manager who's seen every angle and will figure out how to get her customer to buy 2 cars at full sticker. I guess it's also possible that the crusty old sales manager will cave and let the lot go at less than invoice. Anyone hear Zurich calling for a trip that week?