25 September 2006

Suburban Housewife

After more than 10 years in management in the field of librarianship I have become a suburban housewife.

I know how it happened. I know why it happened. But it is a strange feeling.

As we will be moving to Switzerland in a few short months, there is a great deal of preparation required. And as we are moving for GL Hubby's job, he needs to continue working and is therefore limited in the amount of time he is able to spend on the preparations.

My biggest project for the last couple of weeks has been getting the house ready to go on the market. This required setting up interviews with prospective realtors, organizing closets and drawers and removing any indication whatsoever that people actually live in the house. The theory being that if you take away all that is personal, people can envision their own things inside the space and therefore will want to buy your house.

The house went on the market last Monday and now it must be kept immaculate and ready to be shown at a moment's notice. My daily ritual has become cleaning.

I will be very, very happy when the house is sold and we can relax our standards. If this goes on much longer I may become insane. I will know that day has arrived if I ever start vacuuming the house in pearls and high heels.

Please, somebody save me. Buy our house! I beg of you. Before it is too late...

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