28 September 2006


Sometimes things just work out...

Today GL Hubby and I decided not to ship our furniture overseas. After all, large American furniture can look out of place in a European apartment. Which means that my first project in Switzerland will be interior design. I am itching to get started!

Why is this serendipitous? Not for the reason you may think as I am actually one of rare breed of women who does not care for shopping. It can be terribly boring.

Rather, when I met my wonderful husband-to-be he had a house full of real furniture. As in actually purchased in a furniture store-type furniture. I had a small one-bedroom apartment with the remnants of my college furniture. Including the chair that I picked up from the curb on garbage day. Hey, it was a good chair. Just needed a bit of cleaning! (Can you guess who worked for a corporation and who was in public service with a government agency?)

Regardless, when we got married it was pretty obvious that we were going with the fully furnished house as opposed to the sparsely furnished apartment. Most of my things went to the Goodwill Store.

To be fair, some of his things went as well. I was especially happy to see the last of the old, smelly, tattered recliner. But I would have also been happy to see the 53" tv go out the door. After all, who could possibly need a tv that large?

But the upshot is that for the first year of our marriage, I have been surrounded by things not of my choosing. And while the furniture is very good quality, most of it is brown and/or black. Why is it that bachelors cannot seem to acknowledge that other colors exist? I like some color!

By the way, if you are interested in a large, brown couch or an enormous tv, I could probably cut you a deal...


Beth said...

Congrats on the fresh start, I love when that happens!

Laura said...

There is a good chance that my husband and I (and our dog) will be moving to Zurich early next year and since we were just discussing moving - why did you decide not move your furniture? We are currently considering whether or not we should store our furniture or ship it to Zurich. Also, could you recommend towns around Zurich to visit while we are apartment/house hunting?

Global Librarian said...

The decision was based on several factors. Mostly that American furniture doesn't always translate to a European setting; the cost is so high we could purchase new for not much more; we are not storing much. Most will actually be sold at a garage sale with a few family heirloom items stored or given to other family members.

Your post didn't include contact information. If you would like to discuss this more, please e-mail me at: global_librarian@yahoo.com