13 June 2008

Wildlife Filming

I know the basic rule of wildlife filming. Regardless of what happens, the film merely documents events and the camera crew should never step in and interfere with the natural order of the environment. Which means that if the lion kills the baby zebra, you simply film and allow it to happen.

What I didn't know is that those rules spill over into reality television with people as well.

On Airline there was a young man who forgot his passport. His brother was on his way to deliver the passport to the airport. Unfortunately while he was waiting, he fell asleep and did not hear the repeated announcements to come to the desk. You'd think the camera crew, who stood and filmed him sleeping, might have woken him up at some stage. But apparently that would have violated the prime directive and disturbed the natural order. Perhaps even created some kind of a time/space continuum anomaly?

I wonder if they would have helped if a lion had somehow escaped in the airport and began killing people? Or would that have been too much of an interference?

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GL'sD said...

I'd like to help you out. Which way did you come in.