14 April 2008

Cool Summer Predicted

The Böögg has spoken.

Or rather, exploded at the end of a grueling, ritualistic trial by fire.

It took 26:02 minutes for the Böögg to loose its head, which predicts a cold and rainy summer for Zürich.

Frankly, I couldn't be happier!

A cooler summer means I do not need to hibernate to get away from the heat. It means I do not have to threaten to leave GLH and return to my parents' air-conditioned home during the heat waves. And perhaps, just perhaps, I do not have to deal with waves of nausea while taking public transportation with people who refuse to open windows in un-air-conditioned trams because obviously a cross breeze can KILL YOU.

'Cause I gotta tell y'all. The lack of deodorant can make Europe stink to high heaven during the summer time.


Kirk said...

Surely by now you're come to the realization that nearly all maladies can be explained by catching a draft, and those that aren't caused by drafts are caused by the Föhn...

(I don't think I'll ever understand how people who will happily hike through the mountains in the worst of weather can be so afraid of a draft on a warm day.)

GL'sD said...

Don't mind sharing the AIR, but you got to have better reason than that for invading.

Lynda said...

The 'draft' theory must be connected to DNA - I have been living on and off in Europe for 20 years, but I still don't get the
whole drama about a draft.

This from people who will allow dogs (and kind of big smelly dog too)under the table at a restaurant...blerk... and what is with 'Kreislauf'? "what is wrong with you today?" -- "oh that is my kreislauf problem" -- how can circulation be a problem, surely it is only a problem if you DON'T have any. LOL sorry small vent there....lol