23 April 2008

Ah, Naples

It's official. We love Naples!

Although we aren't surprised as thus far there isn't anyplace we have been in Italy we haven't loved. Even if every trip to Italy has involved being cheated by at least one taxi driver or, in the case of Naples, every taxi driver we encountered. Just the price of traveling in Italy, I guess. But I digress...

We checked into the hotel, opened the drapes, stepped out onto the balcony and were greeted with the sight of...

Castel d'Ovo. So called because apparently at some stage someone hid a magic egg which protects the fortress. Or something. Have to admit I wasn't really paying attention.

And Mount Vesuvius.

By the way, the beautiful sunny skies in the photos? Yep, that's the last we saw of that! Most of the weekend it rained and the winds were so strong at one stage I had to link my arm through GLH's just to avoid being blown over by the hurricane-force winds.

Didn't even matter, we loved Naples anyway!

Besides the fantabulous pizza, our favorite thing in Naples was the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, which has an amazing collection of artifacts from Pompeii and Herculean. Including these...

Mosaics from a villa in Pompeii.

We also explored...

Castel Nuovo. Also known as Il Maschio Angioino.

Duomo di Napoli

San Francesco di Paolo

But what we loved the most about Naples was wandering the streets to see how the people lived.

Both the wealthy...

And the not so wealthy.

Just experiencing the charm that is Naples!