12 September 2008

Note to Self

When one is a week away from the birth of one's Maybe Baby, watching a television program in which most of the babies in the maternity ward come down with an unknown viral infection (including the death of one of the babies) is probably not a good thing.

And yet, once one has started, it is impossible to not finish. Because surely at some stage they figure out what it is and everything gets better. Right?

Additional Note to Self:
If a grandmotherly hospital volunteer comes by with a cart full of teddy bears for all the babies, make her go away. She may be not very good at washing her hands. Sweet though she may be, she is a walking germ factory...


Princess Cat's Pajamas said...

Step away from the House DVDs!

Susan May said...

I've seen that House episode - it's so sad ... I agree with PCP: no more medical shows, ok?

Diane Mandy said...

Consider yourself banned from House or Discover Health.