18 August 2008

Where's the Pie?

When we had visitors last week I decided to make a special treat -- Key Lime Pie and freshly whipped cream with a touch of vanilla extract and sugar.

Mmm! My favorite!

It was a pretty big hit, except with Iain who is very strange and doesn't like sweets. (I know! How weird is that?) At the end of the evening there was one slice left, which we put in the refrigerator.

The next morning I walked into the kitchen, where the sun was brightly shining, and promptly got a horrific light-induced migraine headache. So I took my migraine medication, which promptly knocked me out, while GLH took our guests on a morning tour of Zurich.

When I woke a few hours later I felt better and thought a cup of tea would be just the thing. Reaching into the refrigerator for some milk, my eye happened upon the remaining slice of pie. It occurred to me that would go quite well with my cup of tea.

Shortly thereafter GLH returned home with our visitors and we set off for our planned afternoon excursion.

That night after our jet-lagged guests had gone to sleep, GLH came into the living room and said, "You know, I hadn't mentioned it earlier because there wasn't enough for all of us, but would you like to split the last slice of pie?"

I avoided his gaze and looked towards the other side of the room.

He continued, "I think that a small taste of Key Lime pie would be very nice right now. I've had it in the back of my mind all afternoon."

At this I almost completely turned away from him and made a very thorough examination of the ceiling.

He paused a moment and then said, "You already ate the pie, didn't you?"



Susan May said...

Key Lime Pie = a little slice of heaven. You did the right thing. And I'll bet you'd do it again!

GL'sD said...

It appears that the nut didn't fall to far from the tree!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The best pies are always those you eat yourself...


Bill said...

He who hesitates loses the second piece of pie.