29 July 2009


We originally called Continental Airlines in the United States to work out the details of moving the cats from Zürich to Minneapolis. It was a pretty straight forward process. Mostly because the United States doesn't actually require much in regards to importing house cats. (Dogs are a different story if you happen across this blog while searching for pet importation information!) Pretty much the only thing you have to show is proof they are current in vaccinations and, if they are older than 7 years, a health certificate from a vet stating they are healthy enough to travel.

No problems right?

This morning I finally got in touch with the Swiss Pet Service agents for Continental Airlines.

They have given me a completely different story. According to them, the United States require that they are micro-chipped and have a Pet Passport. In addition, although they received the rabies vaccination that is good for two years and I have proof of this, they are unwilling to accept it. So we need to get them revaccinated and then wait at least 30 days before they travel.

I know they have their facts wrong, but the effort of arguing with a Swiss clerk was more energy than I had while also watching a baby crawling about and pulling things down upon himself. So I need to figure out how to get the cats to the vet and get all of this done as soon as possible.

And did I mention that GLH is currently in the US on a business trip, so I've got to figure out how to do all of this with a 10-month old baby in tow!

I have come up with a new motto for Switzerland:

We make things harder than they have to be.

Anybody happen to know how to translate that into Latin?


tqe / Adam said...

Have you considered flying the cats from another airport nearby that's not in Switzerland?

Stuttgart has Delta service, and if you go to Frankfurt you can get Continental.

Or... if you go to Paris/CDG, I think Delta/Northwest still offers nonstop service to MSP thus avoiding having the cats spending unwanted time in Newark.

CaraRose1977 said...

Arguing with Swiss service providers is like a past-time of mine, but I have never had to argue with the airlines. It would seem that you could get your US documents in order that show the actual US policy. Those documents can be emailed or faxed to someone with the authority to be creative or to "think" instead of just do what they are told by their service manual. Having written proof is always helpful, even if you have to resubmit it a few times.

Geotacs said...

gosh that's an awful experience

sorry to read about it

hope you've managed to get things sorted out