19 July 2009

Leaving on a Jetplane

We are in the process of booking a flight for our cats, Max and Tilly.
We love them so much and we will miss them dreadfully.

But keeping them just isn't fair to them.

Since Global Baby's arrival, they have been getting much less attention. And they are very social cats who need human attention and interaction to be happy. Max especially gets upset and neurotic when he doesn't get enough attention. As evidenced by two emergency trips to the vet a few months back to extract non-edible items he ate. Coincidence that both items were baby-related? I don't think so.

The upcoming arrival of Maybe Baby #2 is coming in just a few more months. We will need to be in the US for 2-3 months due to the adoption process. (Or at least, the babies and I will be. GLH will be traveling back and forth with frequency.) And once we are back, caring for two babies would reduce the amount of time we can spend with them even further.

Not to mention the fact that their former room is now a nursery and, lacking any other option, they have been relegated to the hallway. Not an ideal situation for any of us!

So it is with sadness in our hearts that we are sending them back to the United States, but at least they will be living with family and we can see them on visits home.

I am certain there will be tears at the airport when we send them off. Exact date is unknown, but it will be in the next month or so depending upon when we can arrange all the details.

Thank you to Mom (who is sighing a bit at the responsibility) and Dad (who is doing a Secret Happy Dance he hopes Mom doesn't notice) for agreeing to take them. If they weren't going to family, whom we are certain will love and care for them, I'm not sure we would be strong enough to do it...


Expat Traveler said...

Possibly they will send you photo updates! I think you are doing the right thing... And knowing they are still in the family is a happy moment in my eyes... Good luck with it all.

The Big Finn said...

I hadn't read about them much lately, and I was wondering what had happened to them. I'm sure they'll be happy staying in the family.

Pumpkin said...

After my second daughter was born our cat started peeing on the carpet out of jealousy. We had to give her to my brother who spoils her rotten but I still miss her.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, they are taking two cats that are very easily adoptable from a family that's getting rid of them for convenience instead of taking 3cats that may have to be put to sleep as they need to stay together and the owner doesn't have the funds that you have.

Global Librarian said...

I cannot be held responsible for all the other cats in the world. I am only responsible for the health and happiness of the two cats we have had since they were 7 weeks old.